body of light


MDF, Fibreglass, Opal Acrylic,

Fluorescent Lights, Indian Ink


Installed in GSA Degree Show, June 2012

The title body of light has two derivations, the first from the phrase ‘a body of water’ meaning a self contained amount of liquid, calling this work body of light I aim to coin a new phrase, a description of a self contained light source. The second derivation is from the phase ‘yours is a body of light’, relating to Buddhist meditation specifically, yet sharing links with most religions belief in an idea of inner light. The work attempts to make the light that is within us visible, endeavouring to make that which is intangible, imagined or philosophised a visible presence within the space. The audience sees a light, solid and pure, reflected again within the floor. Separated from any image, natural light or gauge of the actual depth or length of the space, the audience is left looking at something that is there, yet without any perception of what it is that they are looking at. Something, but almost nothing at all.